About Us

Fusion art and dance (FAD) is a new and innovative studio that fuses Art and Dance in the Clarksville area. We specialize in painting parties for private and group events in an intimate setting, where we guide you through your creation of a painting in a single session. As an innovative studio, we also offer a variety of ballroom dance classes. We are proud to be able to create a social, fun, and creative experience while stimulating your mind and body. Contact us today for more information. 931-650-3454

FAD has been delivering results since we opened. Our goal is to provide both a stimulating and entertaining experience for our customers. Ola is the main instructor for both art and dance. He has years of experience in the dance and art industry. He competes professionally as ballroom dancer and he is also a professional artist with work that has been displayed in art galleries throughout the Midwestern States. Ola is passionate about exceeding your expectations and sharing with you the joys of art.