Why Dance?


Are you looking for a fun hobby, weekly date night or a place to meet new people? Then let us show you what a great dancer you can become with our exciting dance lessons designed for couples, singles and teens! Once you learn a few moves join us on our group outings. This  dance environment is the perfect way to have fun while becoming more comfortable and confident in any dance situation.


Join the dance based health & fitness program today and dance your way to a more inspired, energetic and glamorous you! Our dance based fitness method makes exercising fun and exciting! You’ll challenge your body and raise your heart rate with our dance fitness system. This combination of cardio, flexibility, core strength and balance will give you that attractive dancer’s body you’ve always wanted!


Do you want to dance like a star at one of those exciting dance competitions you see on television? Is it finally your time to shine? Join our adult or teen competition teams and learn the tricks and secrets that make professionals look so amazing on the dance floor! Not only will you be trained by the best Ballroom & Latin dancers, but you will become part of a larger dance community of students and teachers from across the country!


Prepare for that special dance event with FAD! Our professional dance teachers will have you feeling comfortable and confident on the dance floor so that you can enjoy your special occasion without any dance related worries. Being able to dance the Fusion way ensures your wedding, cruise or other special event will be a magical and memorable experience for you!

How to begin you ballroom dance journey, simply call us at 931-650-3450 and schedule a complimentary visit and orientation lesson with one of our professional dance instructors.

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